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Top 10 Rock Band Downloadable Tracks

Submitted by on Friday, 16 April 2010One Comment

There are currently close to 1,000 downloadable tracks on the Rock Band Store. Unless you’re a Rock Band fiend and have a massive amount of money to spend, you can’t purchase them all.

With so many to choose from, it’s difficult to select the best of the best. Thankfully, that’s where PS3 Attitude comes in as we’ve come up with the Top 10 Rock Band DLC tracks that deserve your hard earned cash.

We’ve dug through the entire DLC track list for the Rock Band series and have pulled what we believe are the best songs. These 10 tracks come from a variety of genres, and each have their own strengths whether it be vocals, guitar, bass, or drums. In the end, it all comes down to one thing though, are they fun to play?

“My Generation” – The Who $1.99
“My Generation is one of The Who’s debut songs and one of the greatest rock songs of all time so naturally it would make this list. The song itself is a challenge on expert no matter which instrument you play. The Rock Band version is from the Live at Leeds recording album and is edited from its original but that doesn’t make it any less of a hit.

“Buddy Holly” – Weezer $1.99
Aside from being a rock and roll legend, Buddy Holly is the subject of one of Weezer’s signature songs. It singlehandedly shot the band to stardom and has earned multiple awards and nominations. It’s not the most difficult song on the list but it definitely brings you back to the 90’s.

“B.Y.O.B.” – System of a Down $1.99
Contrary to what you might think, the title actually stands for Bring Your Own Bombs and not booze. This song was written by System of a Down in protest of the Iraq War and is considered one of the band’s top hits, going as far to earn them a 2006 Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance. Be prepared for a constant stream of notes at you rock your way though this fantastic song.

Let's put a smile on that face

“Clint Eastwood” – Gorillaz $1.99
The Gorillaz are no strangers to the rhythm games having made appearances in SingStar, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band. Should you want to play their hit “Clint Eastwood” though, then you’ll have to download it exclusively off the Rock Band Store. To make the experience even more unique, the drummer sings the verses instead of the vocalist, just like in the music video.

“Indestructible” – Disturbed $1.99
Nothing gets the blood pumping like some good old fashioned heavy metal music. Disturbed have stated that the song is meant to pump up soldiers going into battle. In this case, the musicians are the soldiers and the battle is the gig. Rock on!

“Snow (Hey Oh)” – Red Hot Chili Peppers $1.99
Red Hot Chili Peppers have plenty of hit songs so choosing one was going to be difficult. It was a toss up between this and “Tell Me Baby.” It ultimately came down to the awesome guitar riff that can be heard throughout as the deciding factor, making it one of the more difficult songs to complete on our list.

Anything – Queen $1.99-$15.99
“Another One Bites the Dust,” “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” Killer Queen;” the list could go on and on with hit songs from Queen. We couldn’t pick just one of them because they are all great. While you can purchase them individually, there is a Queen 10-Pack available at a discounted price. Better warm up those vocals as anyone who’s played SingStar: Queen will tell you, it’s going to be a challenge.

Just look at those long flowing locks of hair

“Tribute” – Tenacious D $1.99
While this isn’t the greatest song in the world, it is a tribute to it. That has to count for something, right? The dynamic duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass team up to battle Satan in the ultimate rock off. It has a little bit of comedy but a whole lot of rock. If this is just a tribute, imagine what the original song sounded like.

“Ride the Lightning” – Metallica $1.99
There can’t be a top 10 rock band track list without Metallica appearing somewhere on it, right? Much like System of a Down and Disturbed, Ride the Lightning is for the hard rocker in all of us. For many it is considered the definition of the thrash metal genre. If “Ride the Lightning” doesn’t work for you, there are plenty of other Metallica tracks available too.

“Still Alive” – GLaDOS and Jonathan Coulton $0.00
Not only is this a fun and casual song to rock out to but it’s free so there is nothing stopping you from getting this. The popular theme song to the hit game Portal has managed to squeeze it’s way into Rock Band. The cute and humorous lyrics are easily the highlight of the song. The cake may be a lie but this song is surely not.

So there you have it, 10 songs that you have no reason not to download for Rock Band. Naturally with so many to choose from, some songs were left out of the spotlight. Is your favorite one not on the list? Be sure to let us know what songs make your Top 10 in the comments section below and as always, keep on rockin!

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