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Video games blamed for rotting children’s teeth

Submitted by on Tuesday, 6 April 20104 Comments

You may think Team Attitude has travelled back in time to play some time warped related April Fools joke here – alas this is not the case.

Games are now being blamed for causing rotting teeth.  Seriously.

A study has been presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Dental Research in Washington, claiming that snacks consumed during the playing of video games are leading to poor oral hygiene.

The researchers claim that, of the 12 to 16 year old teenagers they observed, the ones ‘addicted’ to computer games were more likely to suffer from oral hygiene related problems.

The study also found that teenagers who had no parental restriction on screen time tended to eat more when in front of the console.

Lead researcher Dr Nigel Carter had the following to say;

“It is better for your teeth and general health if you eat three meals a day instead of having seven to ten snack attacks. If you do need to snack between meals, choose foods that do not contain sugar.”

Are we missing the link here, because we can’t see what on Earth this has to do with video games!  Bearing in mind people eat at the cinema, at home – heck, we’re eating right now!

So it’s time to bring out the PS3 Attitude Prediction Machine – want to play along?  It’s simple; just finish the sentence using the body part that you think games will be blamed for ruining next.

“Video games caused my _____ to _____”