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Big VidZone update released, adds ‘VidZone TV’

Submitted by on Thursday, 22 April 20103 Comments

VidZone, the European music video streaming service for the PS3, has been updated today and it packs in some great improvements.

The biggest addition is what they call VidZone TV. Sometimes you just can’t make your mind up on what you want to listen to, and so this is where this feature comes in very handy.

At launch there are over 100 music channels on the service that take control of the artists you listen to from your favourite genres, without you lifting a finger.

It’s great to see this service expand further, with now even greater ways to serve the industry’s best music in our living rooms.

But there’s more. VidZone has received a software update that not only supports the music channel services, it also adds some well needed features too. Here is the changelog:

  • New main menu carousel – new look carousel screen for selecting links to VidZone: TV, Featured, On Demand, Settings and upcoming other new features
  • Search function is improved – perform ‘like’ searches – e.g. “Kill” for Killers
  • In-store game purchasing – purchase PlayStation Store games and content advertised in VidZone without exiting the VidZone application.
  • Full screen experience enhanced – see what video is coming up next. There is also a key for all functions and ticker bar.
  • Video of The Day TV – The music industry is helping us offer one ultimate video of the day, every day immediately upon opening the application.
  • Email settings – It’s now possible to sign up or unsubscribe to emails in Settings > Help menu. If you want to receive updates or competitions from VidZone you need to be registered by email

The new Home page, it features an easy layout

This is without doubt the biggest update to happen to VidZone since it launched last June, and really shows how high the hopes of Sony and the developers are for the future of this service.

And who knows, maybe VidZone will spread its wings to North America one day too – we have to keep on hoping!