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What consoles fail the most?

Submitted by on Thursday, 15 April 201013 Comments

The good folk over at No Fuss Reviews have been conducting a massive survey into the failure rates for the three major consoles.

A source of 500,000 readers were asked if their console had to be repaired or replaced due to a fault – the results are striking.

Not so much the PS3, which had an 8% failure rate; that isn’t terrible. Xbox 360 owners, however, may want to get insured because 42% say they have needed their console to be either repaired or replaced. Wii owners unsurprisingly are the best off with a less than 1% failure rate – it’s hardly the most taxing hardware.

The survey also asked those who did have problems if they have suffered further faults from their repaired or replaced models. 1% of PS3 owners compared to 3% of Xbox 360 owners had to either replace or repair their console more than five times. We feel for them.

No Fuss Reviews conducted this survey over 280 days, and presented it at a 1/3 random basis to anyone who arrived on to the site from any search engine looking for a specific game. To cut down on duplicate entries they required users to enter their email addresses; added session limiters and cookies were also used.

The problems with the Xbox 360’s failure rate – mostly due to the notorious “red ring of death” – have been well documented, but it’s interesting to see some figures for the PS3. 8% is not overly alarming, but it still means a significant number of people have had problems. It’s unknown if the PS3’s failure rate has been improved with the introduction of the Slim model.

What about our readers? Have you suffered any problems with your trusted PS3? Let us know in the usual place below…