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5 Wii ports we DON’T want on the PlayStation Move

Submitted by on Wednesday, 7 April 2010One Comment

The Nintendo Wii seems to be the thorn in the side of the PlayStation Move.  Hardly an article goes by without a comparison, and Nintendo of America President ‘The Reginator’ is milking that for all its worth.

Saying that, we do think his trash talk is covering up a hint of worry – and perhaps even embarrassment.  The Move has already demonstrated a level of accuracy the Wii can only dream of.

However, the two motion controllers do share some common ground – and Wii ports are only a matter of time.  Here is Team Attitude’s list of the five games we really don’t want to see.

The Conduit

High Voltage released this FPS in June 2009 to a massive critical shoulder shrug.  We were promised Wii busting graphics, intense story and a revolutionary control system – what we got was boring.

Average graphics, generic enemies and locales and a cookie cutter story completely negated the well-implemented motion controls.

To port this to the Move would be a complete waste of time.

Mmmmm - generic


Developed by Platinum Games, and released in March 2009, MadWorld is a game seemingly perfect for the Move.

You play as Jack, a hulking piece of meat trapped in a city that has been turned into a giant game show akin to the film ‘The Running Man’. The game is uber violent, with stylish black and white graphics – which hide the Wii’s limitations well.

Sounds good doesn’t it?  Unfortunately there are one or two problems.

The motion controls are frustratingly basic, and occasionally have a mind of their own. The camera is atrocious and will happily let you stare at a brick wall whilst the bad guys try and violate you with metal poles. The worst thing though is that the game lacks substance – at first the game seems to have endless ways to kill off an enemy, but that illusion is shattered after a short play through.

Do not want.

The game's biggest fan.

Grand Slam Tennis

This game was meant to be the showcase for the Wii Motion Plus.  Finally – we can use true 1:1 motion and shot depth to replicate tennis how we all envisaged it back when the Wii was first released.

What we got, however, was a game of two halves.  When it was all working correctly it played a fine game of tennis – but more often than not it was a shabby mess, with shots not registering and cheating AI that second guessed your every move.

The Move can do much better.

There's a ball here somewhere!

Elebits (AKA Eledees)

If games were sugar, Elebits would come with a government health warning – cute doesn’t do the game justice.

It is one part FPS and one part house cleaning sim, with players using the Wii Remote to search rooms for ‘Elebits’ whilst moving furniture, opening cupboards and the like. Unfortunately the motion controls are like trying to juggle whilst wearing oven gloves – which is no good, especially for a game with tight time limits.

Add in the fact that the game felt like a tech demo, and we have yet another Wii game that should stay well away.

Warning - don't fire lasers at home!

SoulCalibur Legends

Why oh why did Namco Bandai think that making a 3rd person SoulCalibur game would work?

In what seems like a homage to Star Wars – the game follows Siegfried as he succumbs to the dark power and becomes the monster Nightmare. What follows is a boring and nonsensical plot, static cut scenes, shoddy graphics and copious amounts of button mashing.  The motion controls actually work quite well, but to be honest – who cares?  The rest of the game is so botched that even Namco Bandai forgot about it – and it took over six months after the American launch to arrive in Europe

Fart power - activate!

So there we have it – but do you agree?  As always we welcome your comments and maybe a list of your own.