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Zipper claim developing with the Move is easy

Submitted by on Tuesday, 20 April 20102 Comments

There’s no doubt SOCOM 4 was announced to a mixed reception – but the revelation that it would come with Move support has certainly grabbed people’s attention.

But can such a focused shooter work with motion controls?  Can Zipper Interactive get to grips with the Move to do the series justice?  CEO Brian Soderberg certainly thinks so.

Speaking with the Seattle Times, Soderberg had the following to say when questioned about developing for the Move;

“Well, it actually was quite easy. I was a little sceptical after playing the Wii because it’s very casual game and “SOCOM 4″ is more of a core game. Although really, we’re shooting for a more accessible game. I think the Move does that for us — it’s much easier than trying to get both thumbs going.”

He was then asked about the physicality of the game – would it be a case of the ‘Wii Waggle’ or have Zipper got more in store for us?

“We’re still researching additional gestures. I know we’re going to do some close-quarters moves like rifle butts and maybe bayonet style. Other things you can investigate is grenade throws and things like that.

It’s interesting, when you walk by our offices and you see people playing with it, they actually seem a little more immersed, because it is more like a gun.

I think it actually opens the door for more immersion and obviously when you start doing gestures you’re getting more physical and more into the game.”

Soderberg then reveals that SOCOM 4 will be a cinematic affair, stating that;

“Besides the usual emphasis on artificial intelligence and replayability and being able to do things from different directions, the single-player will have a very cinematic story. As you play through you’ll actually learn things about what’s going on with your enemies and your teammates. There will be some cool surprises, that sort of thing.

We did some really cool things with the cinematics. Rather than just doing motion capture where you hook up the guys and capture the motion, at the same time we also captured the voice so we did dialogue and motion together.

We capture everything. We even did some digitization of the camera moves as well, so we had a handheld camera and a professional cameraman to actually do the motion. It really makes a difference; it makes it really feel like a movie.

It’s going to run in the actual game engine, so it’s not like movies.  As much as we can, we will not take the camera away from the player. You’ll be going through the environment and you’ll just experience these cinematic events.”

Sounds like a lot of effort is being put in to make sure that SOCOM 4 can’t be accused of having “tacked on” motion controls.

Colour us interested!