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3D Dot Game Heroes gets ‘Hall of Heroes’

Submitted by on Monday, 17 May 2010No Comment

We – along with many other people – like 3D Dot Game Heroes.  The homage to all things old skool is a real treat.

The game is set to get even better though with the introduction of a ‘Hall Of Heroes’.

Creative people are going to be very happy!

The Hall of Heroes is a website which allows you to upload your 3D Dot Game Heroes creations from the game so they can be rated by other people.

You can also download designs and use them when you play the game.  The site says the following;

“Here you will find a collection of hero designs that includes original creations and recognisable characters.”

The submission rules state that licensed characters are not allowed, including Atlus owned IPs.

Here’s some helpful information from Delriach on how to add downloaded characters to your game:

First you need to unzip the file obtained from The Hall of Heroes. You’re then going to need a flash drive or some sort of storage device (a PSP works) to transfer the files from your computer to your PS3. The official website outlines how to transfer a character, but here is a simplified version:

  1. Connect a storage device to your computer
  2. Create a folder named PS3 (in all caps) and place it into the root of your storage device.
  3. Create a new folder named SAVEDATA and place it inside the PS3 folder.
  4. Place the unzipped BLJM folder from the Hall of Heroes inside the SAVEDATA folder.
  5. Connect the storage device to your PS3 and head to the “Saved Data Utility” section of the XMB.
  6. Copy the file(s) to your PS3’s HDD and you’re done!

As a little sweetener, US and Canadian entries will be put forward for a chance to win some Amazon video game credits. Be sure to read the official submission rules before sending in your hero.


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