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Backbreaker tutorial reveals the running game

Submitted by on Friday, 14 May 2010One Comment

Backbreaker is the upcoming high-impact American Football title from NaturalMotion which they claim will outrun, out-hit and flat-out dominate the games of the past. It uses the studio’s euphoria motion synthesis engine, which the developer believes will consign to the past the repetitive, canned animations that are present in other sports titles.

In their place will be an endless variety of unique football moments and intense gameplay. To give us a taste for the game, NaturalMotion have released a trailer which reveals the key running sections.

The running game is at the bedrock of your offence. It is split into two key styles: agile and aggressive. Whether you go agile or aggressive will depend on your position, momentum and the amount of defenders in front of you. As the euphoria engine is physics-based, it pays to learn how to use your physical momentum to your advantage because every yard is precious.

All the special actions, such as juking and stiff-arming, are mapped onto the right analogue stick. In agile (the default) mode, if you flick left on the right-stick you perform a juke move, and a quick circular movement will launch you into a spin-move which can throw your opponents off. Flicking the right-stick up will perform a hurdle.

To mix things up, you can go into aggressive mode by holding down the right trigger (R2 on PS3 we presume). When aggressive mode is activated, a new range of moves will become available to the right analogue stick. Flicking the right-stick left or right will allow you to stiff-arm your opponents and by holding the right-stick up you can perform a shoulder barge which will help you barge through your opponents.

This isn’t revolutionary; these moves have been available in American Football games since the beginning, but if Backbreaker’s physics engine is as impressive as they say it is, then its running game could stand-out from the crowd. It’s all about getting your timing and positioning just right.

Backbreaker will go on sale on 25th June and will be a GAME exclusive in the UK. Pre-order now and you can save £10 off your purchase.

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