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BioWare CEO would love to see more games launch on the PS3

Submitted by on Sunday, 9 May 20103 Comments

When Bungie recently announced that they were going multi-format by signing with Activision, it was music to the ears for us PS3 owners. The last time we got excited like that was when BioWare signed with EA.

They were a developer which had long had a “Microsoft only” plaque over their doorway, but by signing with EA it meant they were going multi-format. Since then we have been treated to Dragon Age, and more games will be on the way.

BioWare’s migration onto the PS3 has been very successful, and Ray Muzyka, CEO of BioWare, has spoken of his admiration for the console and how he would “love” to launch games on it in the future. Muzyka told NowGamer:

“Well, you know every platform has its pros and cons and they’re all challenging in different ways, the interesting thing about approaching a new platform like PlayStation is that it’s very powerful and it’s just different from anything else. You have to embrace that and make sure that you’re fully aware of the technology differences and make use of all the strengths of the platform…”

“I think it’s a huge opportunity with the pricing changes, now the platform is definitely on the upswing and there are some great games coming, we’re planning to work more on it. We haven’t announced any future projects, but I’d love to see more BioWare games launch on PS3.”

No future projects have been announced, but E3 is only next month – it’s the event where all the major games get revealed to the world – so maybe they will have something to show us then. We hope so because we ache for more BioWare games especially after missing out on Mass Effect 2.

His comments where placed within a feature covering the changed attitudes which developers now have for the PS3 today compared to the not too distant past when many were dismissive of the console. The view developers have on the console have certainly changed.

Sony hit their stride with the PS3 when they released the Slim model in September 2009, it coincided with a highly anticipated price cut. Since then Sony’s in-house studios have produced masterpieces such as Uncharted 2. Developers have seen the success of games like this and they (with the exception of maybe Valve) have decided that the PS3 is the console that can make their games look best.

They have learned to embrace the awkward architecture of the PS3 and many are even making it the leading platform for their games. Does this mean the era of dodgy Xbox 360 ports is officially over? Let’s hope so.