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BlazBlue: Continuum Shift coming this July to North America; European release confirmed

Submitted by on Friday, 28 May 2010No Comment

Hands off the panda!

Zen United recently announced that BlazBlue: Continuum Shift is coming to Europe. BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger was released about a year ago in North America and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Europeans just got their hands on the game last month. Ouch!

So what should you expect in the sequel? Well, for starters, the gameplay in Continuum Shift has been rebalanced. Moves have been added, tweaked, and removed. Three new characters join the roster bringing the total number of playable characters to fifteen.

Tsubaki Yayoi

This lovely knight is a Novus Orbis Librarium soldier. She was classmates with Noel Vermillion and they are good friends.


Hazama is the main villian of the game. In the original BlazBlue he plays an important role in the story but was not a playable character.

Lambda (Λ-11)

Originally a failed experiment, Lambda replaces Nu as a playable character in Continuum Shift.

Mu (μ-12)

Mu is a console exclusive character. She is the final boss of the game.

Aside from the additional characters, there’s seven new music tracks and four new stages. Continuum Shift features a Beginner Mode, Tutorial Mode, and Challenger Mode.

Beginner Mode encourages a wider audience with an easier control scheme; anyone can jump right in and play! Tutorial Mode allows novices and pros to practice everything from the basic mechanics unique to BlazBlue to the most complicated and powerful combos. Challenge Mode offers advanced players a chance to complete character-specific combo goals and missions.

Also included in Continuum Shift is the Legion Mode. If this is the same mode from the PSP version of Calamity Trigger, then the idea is quite simple. There is a map with a bunch of enemy hubs that you need to conquer. After you defeat your foes, they will join your army. World domination has never been easier!

Calamity Trigger was known for its nearly flawless online play. In Continuum Shift you will be able to face players all around the world through the PlayStation Network. Like the original, there is support for quarter matches, voice chat, and spectating.

The wheel of fate turns again on July 1st in Japan and on the 27th in North America. A European release date has not been announced yet, but Zen United claims that they are working on bringing the game over as soon as possible. We’ll keep you updated.

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