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Castle Crashers for the PSN gets new feature

Submitted by on Tuesday, 11 May 2010One Comment

It looks like Castle Crashers will be well worth the wait.

It was announced last week that a new feature would be unveiled today. We were told that it involves the Arena mode but that was it. So what’s the new feature in Castle Crashers for the PSN?

Here is what the mayor of Behemothtown, Kelly Revak revealed on the PlayStation Blog:

Player Arena matches will now allow you to choose teams! You can play 2-on-2 or take on the world with 1-v-3. Of course, you can still do free-for-all as well. Sharing a sweet, sweet victory with your friend is like eating a delicious cake in front of your other friends while they cry. It’s like their pride is inside the cake that you are devouring, and your teammate is your stomach helping to digest that pride. And there can only be one mouth and one stomach to eat it with, so the other mouths and stomachs have to watch even though mouths and stomachs don’t have eyes. Take that, eyeless teeth and stomachs.

That was a very interesting and descriptive simile…

Castle Crashers still does not have a release date. It is in the very last phase of testing though. Once that is complete, it will go to Sony for approval. Unfortunately, the price is still unknown. We’ll keep you updated once we get any new information.