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Dragon Age: Origins patch incoming

Submitted by on Tuesday, 18 May 2010No Comment

Following up on a story we posted almost a month ago – a new patch for Dragon Age: Origins is incoming to fix a number of problems seemingly caused by the PS3’s firmware update 3.30.

Breath easy people, it’ll soon be over.

The game was reported to have started crashing and locking up at random after people downloaded 3.30 onto their machines.  There was also an issue with DLC vanishing.

It has taken BioWare a fair while to get the issue sorted because they had to use retail units to test for problems, therefore weren’t getting back the reams of data a debug console would give.

Posting on the BioWare forums, Chris Priestly had the following to say;

“We are very pleased to announce that there will be a PS3 patch available later tonight for the PlayStation 3 version of Dragon Age: Origins. The patch is expected at 12 Midnight tonight PST for North America. We do not have an exact time for Europe, but we hope the times will be as close together as possible.

This patch will fix the recent crashing that was caused by the upgrade to the 3.3 firmware update. It will also fix the in-game DLC store to show free DLC content redeemed with promo codes and it will also fix the bug with darkspawn trophies. So again this patch will fix:

  • Crashing caused by the 3.3 firmware update
  • Missing free DLC content in the in-game store
  • Darkspawn trophies

This patch is expected later tonight for all PlayStation 3 fans in North America and Europe. Big thanks go out to the team and to the good folks at Sony for making this a priority to help us launch The Darkspawn Chronicles which will be available starting tomorrow.

Darkspawn Chronicles will be available for the PS3 in North America at approximately 4pm PST tomorrow May 18. It will be available for Europe on Wednesday May 19, when we know the time, we will let you know.”

Good news indeed – and kudos to the fans of the game that provided BioWare with a heap of information when they were struggling to get to grips with the problem.