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Enslaved – the debut trailer

Submitted by on Sunday, 9 May 20105 Comments

GameTrailers have uploaded the debut trailer for Ninja Theory’s new action-adventure, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. The clip is mostly a montage of action packed events, but it also gives us a feel for the potential gameplay dynamics between Trip and Monkey.

The game centres around these two characters who have been captures by a slave shape and are in the process of being taken to the West to never return. The resourceful Trip realises that the brute strength of Monkey (mo-capped by Andy Serkis) is the only way she can escape. She equips him with a slave headband which would kill Monkey should Trip get killed, which explains the tag-line in the trailer, “I die, you die.”

All the dialogue present in the trailer focuses on Trip instructing/threatening Monkey. We suspect the story will flesh out the emotional ramifications of this particular enslavement with the bond between the characters growing as they survive adversity together. The script is being co-written by Alex Garland, novelist behind The Beach and screenwriter for 28 Days Later.

It looks like, from the footage, that the gameplay will take advantage of the incredible strength and agility of Monkey. There are several clips of Monkey smashing apart merciless robots with his trusted staff. Uncharted-style platforming will also be centre of the gameplay. One frame showed Trip being tossed across a large gap by Monkey suggests that co-op platforming puzzles will also play a large part.

Ninja Theory’s previous title, Heavenly Sword, was one of the biggest disappointments of this generation, but Enslaved could lead them to redemption. With its lush settings, action packed set pieces and potential for interesting character developments, Enslaved is one to watch.