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FirstPlay…Thursday? Week five

Submitted by on Thursday, 6 May 2010One Comment

Those with OCD better back away, as Team Attitudes weekly FirstPlay rundown is moving from Friday to Thursday to coincide with the new PSN store updates.

Well it’s finally here.  We’ve waited, gone through BETA tests and waited some more – now FirstPlay is upon us.

But is it worth your money?

Well that is where PS3 Attitude comes in.  Over the course of the next few weeks we will be doing a weekly rundown of the latest FirstPlay episode – so you can decide if it’s something that takes your fancy.

It will also give you the chance to see how the brand evolves over time as the FirstPlay team hit their stride.

For those who don’t know, FirstPlay is essentially an interactive magazine.  HD video previews and reviews are standard fare, as well as PSN and PlayStation Minis rundowns, lashings of upcoming games screenshots and of course, a downloadable treat or two – with voice over’s done by comedienne Lucy Porter.

You can buy a three month subscription for £8.99, or alternatively you can buy a single episode for 99p.

Each episode is broken down into several segments featuring various games/films – which we will cover here.

Featured Downloads

This week’s downloads are;

  • FirstPlay Enslaved theme
  • Just Cause 2 parachute

Enslaved theme

Network Highlights

How to win at Super Street Fighter IV Part 2 – A brief rundown of the best moves and tactics to employ when using some of the new additions to the game

Uncharted 2 Killstreaks – a look at the best multiplayer killstreaks.  Can you beat this week’s epic twenty eight in a row?

Top Ten FIFA Goals – a look at the best goals as scored by you guys!

The Pick of PSP –

  • Fat Princess: Fist full of Cake
  • Half Minute Hero
  • Dead or Alive: Paradise – boobies

HD Reviews and Previews

God of War Collection review – a look at the PS3 HD remake of the first two God of War games.  Shiny.

ModNation Racers preview – looking better with each passing week.

SBX preview – doesn’t look all that.  Roll on F1 2010!

Avatar Blu-ray review – looks stunning, but is it all mouth and no trousers?

Screenshot Galleries

  • EA Sports MMA
  • Alpha Protocol
  • Skate 3
  • Gran Turismo 5

Next Week

Kill big with Lost Planet 2, and cardboard boxes at the ready with Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker