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GamesAid Triple-Pack incoming!

Submitted by on Monday, 10 May 20102 Comments

GamesAid should be a charity familiar to any of you regular readers, seeing as they are the champion folks we support here at Attitude Towers. Every penny we raise goes to the charity, one which is supported by the industry itself.

Here is where the salient details come in; GamesAid raise money. The industry support them in this endeavour. And what is the best way to support a charity? Give them all the profits from a great gaming triple-pack, that’s what!

With the UK in a tizz over who will be next into parliament to lead the country, it is refreshing to see that at least companies can work together well to create something that benefits everyone.

So, we hear you ask, what games are in this fabled special pack? What is the cost of said pack? When can these goodies be purchased? From where can this wondrous charity item be purloined?

Well, the triple-pack consists of Tomb Raider: Underworld, FUEL and SEGA Superstars Tennis courtesy of Squeenix, Codies and, um, SEGA respectively. It will cost less than three crisp tenners (£29.99 to you and me) and will be available from most retailers from the 25th June. Good times!

Sadly for those Ninty and Microsoft fans out there, this is only available on PS3, with Sony Computer Entertainment’s UK Managing Director Ray Maguire stating:

We are delighted to be supporting GamesAid in this venture. It’s good for the industry as a whole, and we’re proud to be involved.

GamesAid Chairman Andy Payne added:

Not only does this triple pack raise money for our charities, it also raises awareness of GamesAid at consumer level. We now look forward to retail getting behind it and giving it the push it deserves.

As for the games themselves, it is fair to say that they are neither the best nor the worst games in the world. In saying that, there are at least a good few hours of enjoyment to be had from each title.

Considering that you could struggle to get these games second hand for such a low price – combined with the warm fuzzies that helping a great cause generates – we can’t recommend this package highly enough!

You will have to be quick, though – rumour is that there are only going to be about 30,000 of these special packs passed on to retailers, with the ultimate goal being to generate a cool half million for GamesAid.

Get in!