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GameStation sends out warning regarding dubious Twitter account

Submitted by on Tuesday, 4 May 2010No Comment

The official GameStation Twitter account has sent out a cautionary message today regarding another GameStation account that is claiming to be selling BETA codes to desperate gamers.

The BETA code in question is for Halo Reach, and whilst this isn’t a PS3 game we feel it’s our duty just to give you guys a heads up.

The account in question – @GameStationsUK – has been posting multiple Tweets asking people to email a GameStation Hotmail address in regards to purchasing a code off him.

This has angered a lot of people who have contacted GameStation directly to report him.  Since then the Tweets have gone from ‘buy’ a code to ‘win’ a code.

The official GameStation Twitter account posted the following;

“As some of you are aware @gamestationsukis not connected with Gamestation in any way, our advice is to treat with caution!”

Of course, if you want to buy a code then that is your prerogative, however there is no guarantee that a code will actually be sent to you – this has scam written all over it.

We know our readers are blessed with common sense, but just keep an eye out for similar things in the future.  As public BETA testing becomes common place, these types of scams will most likely pop up with increasing frequency.