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Heavy Rain advert upsets the masses

Submitted by on Thursday, 13 May 20107 Comments

UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has dismissed claims that the TV advert for PS3 exclusive  Heavy Rain  is offensive.

If you ask us there are plenty of more patronising, ridiculous adverts out there to get worked up about than this one.

The advert in question is the one that features Scott Shelby confronting an armed robber in a convenience store.  In the scene the player has to decide whether to intervene, attack or negotiate as an armed man threatens the shopkeeper.

As it stands, three of the adverts in question were barred from being shown before 7:30pm and the last one until after the 9pm watershed.

That hasn’t stopped thirty eight people from registering their complaint that the adverts shouldn’t be shown at all.  Now thirty eight doesn’t sound a lot, but if you take the old saying that one person represents a million people, that means thirty eight million people hate the advert! (Note: this is a joke, Team Attitude are funny!).

Some people felt that the advert glamorised violence, while others suggested they should have been broadcast later in the evening so they couldn’t be seen by children.

A further complaint was that the adverts aired around the same time as the death of a Huddersfield shopkeeper who was murdered by armed robbers.

The Advertising Standards Authority has admitted that the timing of the advertising campaign was unfortunate, but it was;

“Unlikely to be seen to be encouraging or glamorising violence in a harmful way, or to be likely to cause serious or widespread offence.”

We’ve seen the adverts in question and haven’t batted an eyelid – in fact we thought it was quite a good advertising campaign.  Are we desensitised violent gamers?  Or is this another case of people having too much time on their hands?