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Keyboards in Rock Band 3? The Green Day: Rock Band demo sure does think so

Submitted by on Wednesday, 26 May 2010One Comment

The Green Day: Rock Band demo was released on the PSN Store today and features two of the bands hit songs, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” and “Welcome to Paradise.”

Completing either song brings you to a teaser for Rock Band 3. It features your typical guitar, bass, drums, and microphone logos but there’s a fifth logo as well.

That’s right, Rock Band 3 will have a new instrument; keyboards.

This means that the game will now support up to 7 different band members, presuming it keeps the three-part harmony feature from The Beatles and Green Day: Rock Band. By the indication of three microphones in the vocal logo, it will.

We can expect to see more piano songs in the setlist for Rock Band 3 as well. This probably means Coldplay and Ben Folds among others. This also means you’ll have to make room for some new instruments to add to your collection.

Do keyboards make you any more excited for Rock Band 3? What other instruments would you like to see in the rhythm game? Let us know in the comments below!