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Kung-Fu LIVE coming to PSN; become the hero of the game with the PS Eye

Submitted by on Monday, 17 May 20102 Comments

How would you like to star in your very own video game? Later this year, you’ll be able to thanks to Virtual Air Guitar Company and their upcoming PSN title, Kung-Fu LIVE.

By way of the PlayStation Eye, the game will capture every move you make and transfer it to the character on screen. Not only that, but the character on screen will be you! You’re the hero of this live action kung-fu game. Think of the old Mortal Kombat games’ graphics combined with action and adventure and you have Kung-Fu LIVE.

The camera will capture your real life image and transport it directly into the game. Judging from the screenshots, it appears there will be four specific stances you can perform to unleash special attacks aside from the kicks, punches, and jumps.

Finish Him!

“We have been working with camera games for over a decade, optimizing our FreeMotion technology that incorporates the player in-game as the lead character,” says Teemu Mäki-Patola, CEO of Virtual Air Guitar Company Ltd. “The FreeMotion tech replaces the traditional game controller for consoles and PC, offering a whole new way to play video games. Kung-Fu LIVE will be one of the top notch PSEye and Move games coming to market this year.”

With the Move controller nowhere in sight, it sounds like this is a title that would appear with Microsoft’s Natal. It just goes to show you how powerful the PlayStation Eye currently is. It’s a shame that developers haven’t used it to its full potential yet.

Be sure to check out the official website for all the latest news as well as follow them on Twitter at @kungfulivegame.