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Drool inducing MAG announcement coming

Submitted by on Monday, 24 May 20103 Comments

Drooling – we all do it.  Be it involuntary, or some form of medical disorder – every once in a while someone has a good drool.

Zipper Interactive is about to set off the same reaction in us with a megaton MAG announcement that is scheduled before E3.  This game just keeps getting better!

Zipper Interactive must be over the moon with the reaction MAG has received.  Slightly iffy review scores doesn’t seem to have dented sales and the MAG servers are buzzing with the sound of bullety death.

But like ravenous war mongers, we want more – and that is exactly what we are going to get.  It all started in April when Zipper tweeted the following;

“Wait until you see what we have coming down the pipeline over the next few months. Very excited about it.”

Zipper Interactive Community manager Jeremy Dunham has now gone one further by saying news of the DLC, as well as a huge upcoming update patch, will be with us in weeks.

“Info on our next patch will be coming next week (but not all of it — it’s so large that it will take multiple updates to tell you about it) and info on our bigger DLC will be after that (before E3).”

Yes you heard right – news so big it needs multiple Internets to explain it all.  Let the speculation begin!