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Medal of Honor gets a new trailer and release date

Submitted by on Wednesday, 5 May 2010One Comment

There’s been a countdown counter on the Medal of Honor website for quite some time now. Today, it finally ended, revealing the latest trailer, titled “Leave a Message.”

The trailer shows a platoon of soldiers heading into battle while one of them leaves a message on an answering machine back home. It’s an eerie look into the men behind the helmets and guns.

“Medal of Honor is an authentic look into today’s war. Inspired by real people and real events, the game puts players in the boots of today’s warrior — from the infantry ground pounder to the Tier 1 Operator,” said Greg Goodrich, Executive Producer of Medal of Honor. “We are proud of this piece because it offers a glimpse into the game we’re creating, while also showing the mindset of these warriors.”

It then concludes by giving us the release date of October 12th. So how do you feel about the new emotionally charged trailers for Medal of Honor? Whether you like them or hate them, tell us in the comments!

Updated: May 5, 2010

The new MoH trailer will be going live tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience. Head on over to for official details.