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Monkey Island 2 SE “making of” video

Submitted by on Saturday, 29 May 2010No Comment

We thought our anticipation for the release of Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge couldn’t get any higher, but that was before LucasArts released this web-doc video which details everything you need to know about the process of remaking this classic title. It’s fanboy-tastic, and after watching it, we can feel our love of adventure games starting to rekindle after all those years of neglect.

Why the excitement over a game that’s nearly 20 years old (yes, it has been that long)? Well, the Monkey Island games, especially the second instalment, all have a degree of charm way ahead of most titles. They are full of witty dialogue and some genuinely hilarious lines. Plus, Monkey Island 2 is full of ingenious puzzles that leave you feeling satisfied once you’ve figure them out.

"That's better. Everything's sharper. Oh. You're a woman"

The Monkey Island games have never relied on impressive graphics or slick control mechanics, so they have stood the test of time, but the fact that these games are timeless doesn’t mean that these special editions are pointless exercises. There have been many new features added, but two very important additions stand out:

  1. Voice acting: having Dominic Armato as Guybrush, Alexandra Boyd as Elaine, and Earl Boen as LeChuck adds new life to the game. Not simply because they are excellent voice actors, it’s because having voices to pin onto the characters adds a lot more personality to the game.
  2. Better graphics: yes, they aren’t essential to Monkey Island; in fact, half the time you couldn’t tell if a character was a man or a woman, never mind know what item you are highlighting. But being able to tell what you’re looking at will be a very welcome addition.

Until recently, graphic adventure games have been lacking from the PS3 canon, but with two Monkey Island special editions hitting the PSN (the remake of the original is already out in America; the rest of the world will get it soon) and the Sam & Max episodic content now available, there is a sense that graphic adventure games are making a comeback.

It’s all thanks to downloadable platforms such as the PSN, Xbox Live and WiiWare. They have limited the level of risk for publishers when it comes to releasing such niche titles because the production costs are not so high and they don’t have to fight for shelf space in shops. Without these platforms we wouldn’t be able to enjoy cult titles like the Monkey Island and Sam & Max games. What a shame that would be.

Check out the “making of” at the top of the screen.