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Knights Contract – fantasy horror action from Namco Bandai coming in 2011

Submitted by on Tuesday, 25 May 2010No Comment

Knights Contract is a new IP from Namco Bandai Games America, it’s a stylised third-person adventure game which sees a witch and an executioner team up to rid the world of supernatural enemies who are spreading a black spell of death.

The game centres around the two central characters, Heinrich (an immortal executioner) and Gretchen (a resurrected witch). Gretchen was onceĀ  executed by Heinrich under the order of Dr. Faust, the game’s antagonist. Gretchen is said have Heinrich under her control. In what way we don’t know, but clearly it certainly sounds like a relationship built on sand.

Heinrich will be able to deal massive damage with his large scythe (see screenshots below), and Gretchen can defeat foes with her “explosive witchcraft”. As players progress they will be able to deal more damage and more devastating combos. You must keep an eye on Gretchen as she is only mortal, if she dies it’s game over.

The screenshots clearly show the game is going to be an overblown action-fest. It certainly looks like it could offer some good dumb fun. However, the talk of babysitting Gretchen does give us some concerns, we just hope those sections don’t end up feeling like a chore.