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Pac-Man evolving?

Submitted by on Thursday, 6 May 2010No Comment

Every gamer worth their salt recognises Pac-Man.  The icon and his trademark ‘wakka-wakka-wakka’ sound effects are known all over the world, and have even been parodied in modern animations and remixed into songs.

But at thirty years old, should he munch his last pill?

Of course not!  Sure, the quality of his last few games has been mixed – but we still feel there’s room for the little yellow dude in this world of fancy graphics and 60 frames per second gaming.

It seems Namco agrees with us – up to a point.  Yesterday they sent out a bunch of press invitations for a Pac-Man thirtieth Anniversary event being held during E3.  The invitations stated that not only will they be celebrating Pac-Mans past, but they will also reveal the next evolution of the franchise.

The invitations also state that unreleased titles on console, mobile, arcade and more will be on display in Los Angeles.

Sounds intriguing!  Where do you think Namco can take the franchise?  We are praying to the gaming gods to get some kind of Alien Vs Predator Vs Pac-Man smackdown!