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PlayStation division posts a $889m loss

Submitted by on Thursday, 13 May 20106 Comments

Bad news today as Sony’s Network Product and Services Division – which is home to the PlayStation operation – has posted a massive $889m loss despite seeing the PS3 sell three million more units than the previous year.

So how are they losing money?

Unfortunately it’s the PS2 and PSP that are causing the problem, selling  9.9m (down 4.2m) and 7.9m (down 600k) respectively.

The two consoles software sales took a hit too, with PSP games sales at 44.4m (from 50.3), and PS2 game sales nose diving to 35.7m (from 83.5m).  On the plus side PS3 software sales were up 11.6m units to reach 115.3m.

Some of the division’s loss was offset by the fact that the PS3 is now cheaper to produce, and the success of the Sony Walkman.  Sony says that they expect these numbers to hold firm next year despite a predicted increase in PS3 sales.

This makes for grim reading – that is a vast sum of money to be losing.  Hopefully strong sales of 3D TVs will bolster Sony’s piggy bank and next year will have a brighter outcome.