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Sky Player could make its way to the PS3

Submitted by on Wednesday, 26 May 2010No Comment

Griff Parry, director of Sky OnDemand, has revealed that talks are ongoing to bring Sky Player, which is currently available on the Xbox 360, to other mainstream consoles. The obvious conclusion here would be that they are speaking to Sony and Nintendo with a view to bringing Sky Player to the PlayStation 3 and Wii. We would like to think so at least.

When TechRadar asked Parry if the Sky Player would be coming to the PS3, he said,

“We are looking to extend distribution of Sky Player widely via partnerships with key players in key categories, games consoles is obviously one of those key categories, so what you would expect is probably true. We are engaged in talks to explore opportunities, but we are very happy in our relationship with Microsoft.”

It’s never been a secret that Sky were keen to bring their Sky Player to the PS3, but there have been complications in the past due to the way the PS3 does DRM. Back in December, 2008, Parry explained as much to TechRadar:

“Currently consoles like the PlayStation 3 won’t play the Sky Player because of the way we protect the content [through Microsoft’s Silverlight]; so the PS3 wouldn’t be able to cope with the DRM, however, I think games consoles are an interesting opportunity and it is something that we are exploring.

The company line hasn’t changed much since then, but the fact that Sky are still looking into it is promising. Let’s hope the DRM issues have been resolved because Sky Player would be another nifty feature to be able to advertise on the box, alongside a number of multi-media features from VidZone, the Video Store and the soon to arrive indie film streaming service MUBI.

So hurry up Sky, our PlayStations are still connected to our TVs and internet. We’d rather not wait forever.