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Sonic 4 delayed until “late 2010”, new trailer released

Submitted by on Friday, 21 May 2010One Comment

Sonic 4 has been delayed.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 was originally scheduled to release during the summer. SEGA just announced that development on the title has been extended. As a result, the game has been delayed.

Here is a statement from the official press release:

The additional time will allow the Development Team to focus on keeping the game high-quality, continuing tuning and balancing of levels and interface and overall maintaining the kind of polish that an important game like this demands, ultimately providing fans with an unrivalled classic Sonic feel.

Fans have been waiting for a proper Sonic game for a very long time. A few extra months isn’t that big of a deal. SEGA claims that they are using fan feedback to make the game better. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If it takes a delay to make the game as awesome as it should be, we’re all for it.

SEGA also teased about future announcements:

Finally, there are rumors that something very special relating to Sonic 4 is coming around a special date this June. You’ll have to wait a bit longer to hear the details, but rest assured that your summer is going to be far from boring with Episode I on the horizon. We’ll also have many more details on exactly what the new and exciting changes to the game will mean for the fans.

Sonic 4 is expected to hit the PSN in late 2010. We’ll keep you updated as soon as more information is released. Until then, check out the new trailer and let us know what you think.

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