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The PS3(D) goes live on 10th June in Japan

Submitted by on Monday, 31 May 20103 Comments

Sony has set a release date for the first batch of updates to convert existing games into stereoscopic 3D. On June 10, updates for Wipeout HD, Star Super Stardust HD and Mr. Pain will be available on the PSN.

The great news is that updates for Wipeout HD and Super Stardust HD will be absolutely free, the bad news is that you will have to pay ¥300 (£2.26/$3.28 if converted accurately) to play Mr. Pain in 3D.

More games will follow, a 3D demo for Motorstorm has already been seen for example, and Gran Turismo 5, if it ever arrives, and Killzone 3 are also confirmed to use the technology.

A firmware update will be available before the end of the year which will make the PS3 capable of reading 3D films such as Avatar on Blu-Ray.

The news comes via Andriasang who specialise in gaming news from Japan, so we’re not sure if the rest of the world will be treated on this date or if it’s going to be a Japanese exclusive for now, but it’s at least a sign that 3D games aren’t far away.

3D is a divisive subject, some people argue that it enhances the experience while others deride the technology, arguing that it is a gimmick which distracts us from what we should be focusing on. Team Attitude is equelly split on the subject, and we know that our readers are as well.

There can be no question that Sony stand to make a lot of money from 3D. Customers wanting to watch the latest 3D films at home will find the PlayStation a desirable and affordable platform to view them on – that’s before mentioning the many other features that comes with it, such as top quality gaming and the Video Store. A win-win situation for Sony we think.