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UFC Undisputed 2010 hands-on – The PS3 Attitude Preview

Submitted by on Wednesday, 5 May 20102 Comments

The world of Ultimate Fighting is set to return to consoles later this month with UFC Undisputed 2010.

Can this game fix last year’s problems and deliver a knockout blow to both the WWE and Fight Night games, as well as fending off EA’s upcoming MMA game?

The build we had access to allowed for either an exhibition match, or a tournament mode which could be played with up to four friends offline.

Character selection was limited to a handful of light weight category fighters – but the full game promises over 100 fighters spanning across all weight categories.

The main thing that will strike you when you start a match in UFC Undisputed 2010 is the overall presentation of the game.  From pre-match introductions to end of match replays, the game looks fantastic and mirrors the televised events exactly – even down to each player getting a pep talk from their coach between rounds.

The character models are fantastic, facial damage shows up well along with perspiration – although perhaps a tad too much of the latter!  Cut a character and blood will stain the ring for the rest of the fight.  This is a small detail, but an effective one – especially if it’s your blood!

The collision detection is absolutely amazing.  Full on strikes look and feel meaty – and in some cases are absolutely cringe worthy.  Miss a hit though and your punch will still glance off your opponent and cause damage.  This mechanic is one of UFC Undisputed 2010s best features.

A special mention has to go to the games commentary as well.  At no point did it sound forced or mechanical – and it certainly didn’t have us reaching for the mute button.  In fact it really added to the overall experience – kudos to Yuke’s.

This is all well and good, but where UFC Undisputed 2010 will sink or swim is in its fighting mechanic – it needs to be top notch.

"Argh you smell terrible!"

UFC Undisputed 2009 really split opinion when it was released – and 2010 will do exactly the same.  This is no button bashing fighting game – in fact the game is downright daunting.

Open up the moves list and you are presented with a baffling array of moves, which depend on ring position, opponent position and whether you are on the ground or standing – then you have to factor in the grapples which again are dependent on various factors.  It’s complete and utter move overload.

You will need to learn it all though to succeed.  Sure you can blast through easy mode by hitting the punch button, but notch up the difficulty and you will get punished – something this writer can testify to after been knocked out in eight seconds flat.

It’s this uncertainty that really adds to the games tension.  Matches we played ranged from eight seconds to ten minutes, with a mixture of knock outs and submissions.

Characters feel weighty and move around the octagon with a purpose.  You need to be constantly thinking about where you are in relation to your opponent.

Sounds easy right?  Well it isn’t – especially when you consider the sheer amount of fighting styles on offer.  You’ll come up against ranged fighters and grapple based fighters, and sometimes you just don’t want to go on the offensive for fear of being taken out.

So what we have so far is a slick, smooth fighter that elates and frustrates in equal measure.  If you like UFC, enjoy a challenge and the thought of learning dozens of moves gets you all hot and bothered – this is one game you should be keeping an eye on.

Like button bashing, fast paced fighters?  Then run away – fast.