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The White Knight Chronicle – New Quests for May 20th

Submitted by on Thursday, 20 May 2010No Comment

This week in White Knight Chronicles four new quests are now available. Are you prepared to enter the Belly of the Beasts?

Welcome to another week of The White Knight Chronicle. We hope you got a chance to visit the Theater of the Gods within the last two weeks. Those quests were added on May 6th and are no longer available.

If you’re unfamiliar with how things work, it’s all quite simple. All you need to do is play White Knight Chronicles while signed into the PlayStation Network. Head over to the world map and the new quests will unlock automatically. It’s that easy!

On May 20th the following quests have been added to the world map:

The Lagnish Desert

  • Belly of the Beasts – Guild Rank 7 – Suggested Level: 36+
  • Belly of the Beasts II – Guild Rank 10 – Suggested Level: 50+

Travelers are being attacked by monsters in the desert. You have been contracted to “solve the problem”. In this quests you’ll meet up with a monster tamer. He’ll inform that you’ll need to bait the enemy with Garuda wine. To obtain the wine you first have to bring 5 ripe fruits to the monster tamer. You shouldn’t have too much trouble with this quest.

The Van Haven Waste (temporary)

  • Mercenary Force – Guild Rank 9 – Suggested Level: 46+
  • Mercenary Force II – Guild Rank 12 – Suggested Level: 50+

Magi Forces managed to take control of the underground water channels. You must join a group of mercenaries and eliminate everything in your path. This quests involves numerous boss battles and guest characters. According to an adventurer named Isa, you’ll need Therese in your party to face a group of Knaves. For the last boss fight it’s possible to face a Knave and Pyredaemos. You will need to have Gazelle and Therese in your party to activate that battle. In order to recruit Gazelle you have to finish a sidequest within 15 minutes. Good luck!

That’s it! The White Knight Chronicle will return next week once the next two quests have been unlocked. Until then, see you online!

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