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The White Knight Chronicle – New Quests for May 27th

Submitted by on Thursday, 27 May 2010No Comment

This week in White Knight Chronicles two new quests are now available in the City of Greede. You have been invited to an underground fighting tournament. Are you prepared for battle?

There’s only one week left until Mercenary Force I & II disappear from the world map. These were temporary quests that went up on May 20th.

To activate the new quests all you need to do is boot up White Knight Chronicles and visit the world map screen. If you’re signed into the PSN the quests will unlock automatically. It’s that simple.

On May 27th the following quests have been added to the world map:

The Free City of Greede

  • The Arena – Guild Rank 8 – Suggested Level: 41+
  • The Arena II – Guild Rank 11 – Suggested Level: 50+

This quest is pretty unique. You will be transported to an arena for an underground tournament underneath Greede. There are numerous NPCs in the area and they are all ready to fight! There are three rounds in this quest. Before each round begins you get to choose your enemy. There’s not much variety, but you’ll face either Golems, Trolls, or Greavers (accompanied by smaller enemy-types).

If you really want a challenge make sure you talk to every NPC before each fight. We should warn you though, doing this will add an extra enemy to your battle. It should be quite fun though!

That’s it for today. The White Knight Chronicle will return next week after the next batch of quests have been unlocked.

Earlier today a new trailer for White Knight Chronicles 2 materialized out of nowhere. It’s the full opening sequence that plays right before you start the game. The video is a bit story based but we finally get to see Yuli transform into the Moon Princess. Well, we don’t actually get to see the full transformation but it’s heavily implied.


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