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Go on a Bughunt with these new Aliens vs Predator maps

Submitted by on Wednesday, 30 June 2010No Comment

Aliens vs Predator will be getting its second batch of downloadable content on July 7th with the Bughunt Map Pack. For $6.99, players get four brand new maps; two for Multiplayer and two for Survivor.

Not only that but these new maps are the first to feature environmental hazards and new weather effects. And we though the only thing you had to worry about about was pools of acidic blood and invisible spears.

The two multiplayer maps, Crashsite and Furious, allow for different gameplay tactics depending on which faction you choose.

Pools of water in Crashsite will remove the Predator’s cloaking shield so it’s best for them to stick to the trees. Aliens however, have the opportunity to move about freely and sneak up on their unsuspecting victims. As always, the Marines seem to get the short end of the stick and must resort to crouching in the corners and hope they don’t fall prey to their enemies.

Furious is a more confined map featuring multiple pathways and crawlspaces. Be careful though because at the center of the arena is a giant furnace that will incinerate anyone who goes near it.

On the Survivor side you have Monument and Tempest. You’ll face off against waves of Alien hordes where the deceased Predator Lord once reigned supreme. Not only that but in Tempest, you’ll have to battle the elements. Rain will pound down on you and the fog will cover your foes in an eerie darkness.

For more information on these four maps visit the SEGA Blog. Now, who’s up for some bug stomping?