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Buy Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP Bundle at Kmart and get MGS4 FREE

Submitted by on Monday, 7 June 2010One Comment

This deal is Big Boss approved. True story.

Peace Walker hits store shelves tomorrow in the US and Kmart easily has the best offer available for the Peace Walker Entertainment Pack.

Not only do you get the green PSP, a 2GB memory stick, Peace Walker, and vouchers for in-game content and a movie, but you also get a $25 gift card and MGS4 for free! It should be noted that the gift card can only be used on your next PSP game or accessory purchase.

This is an amazing deal for $199.99. Of course, that’s assuming you don’t already have a PSP and MGS4. Too bad the Gamestop exclusive Big Boss PSP bundle wasn’t being offered instead.

If you aren’t aware (or didn’t want the trailer), Peace Walker is the referred to as the “missing link” in the Metal Gear Saga. The game takes place after the events of Portable Ops and Snake Eater and has you once again playing as Naked Snake (Big Boss).

The controls are similar to the setup used in MGS4, but obvious changes had to be made for the PSP. It works a lot better than the control scheme from Portable Ops, although you can change the buttons to replicate that setup as well.

Described as “Tactical Espionage Operations”, there are tons of modes at your disposal. There’s the Main Ops, Co-Ops, and Extra Ops. You’ll be able to recruit soldiers just like in Portable Ops and you can even play as those characters (outside of the main story). There’s a lot of micromanagement involved. After all, you are creating Outer Heaven. And yes, you do get to develop your very own Metal Gear.

The best addition is easily being able to play cooperatively with friends. Every mission has support for two-players with boss battles boosting the number to four. This is an adhoc only feature but if you use the Adhoc Party application on the PS3 you can link up to other users online. It’s a lot of fun.

Konami also collaborated with Capcom to bring some Monster Hunter goodness to Peace Walker. It’s a weird crossover but fans will appreciate the inclusion.

Peace Walker will be available on June 8th in the US and on the 18th in EU. We don’t get many opportunities to discuss PSP games on PS3Attitude but we can make an exception for Snake.

The Kmart deal starts tomorrow and lasts until June 12th. It seems like this might be an in-store offer only. However, you can add the Peace Walker Entertainment Pack and free MGS4 to your shopping list online. Just make sure to print the page out and bring it to the store.


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