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New Crysis 2 trailer – ‘The Pinger attacks E3 2010’

Submitted by on Monday, 7 June 20103 Comments

“The pinger attacks E3 2010.” Those are the ominous words from Crytek in the latest Crysis 2 teaser trailer. Those words produce two responses from us: we fear for the safety of our employees who will be attending E3, and we wonder who or what is this Master Pinger.

Pinger, we assume, is a new enemy to Crysis 2. What it is? Well we get a glimpse of it in the trailer. The Pinger has two long legs and it appears to be mechanical; it looks very similar to the Geckos in Metal Gear Solid 4, albeit slimmer.

It has a large red eye at the centre of its head which scans objects; the object in the trailer is our lead character in his nanosuit. He appears to be petrified – but it’s difficult to tell the physical state of a man in a suit.

Will there be many Pinger or will Crytek make it a big boss enemy? We quite like the idea of Pinger being a Nemesis-like character – Nemesis is of course an enemy in Resident Evil 3 who torments you throughout the game, it’s an unstoppable force determined to kill you.

How Crytek plan to use the Pinger may be unclear, but its certain to play a big role. It wouldn’t be get its own trailer otherwise. We won’t have to wait long because the Pinger will be at E3; hopefully it won’t be attacking pSA3 employees.

Check out the trailer above.