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Deals of the Week – 12th June 2010

Submitted by on Saturday, 12 June 2010No Comment

The end of another hard working week? Well ‘TGIS’ because here at PS3 Attitude we’ve got another 4 fantastic pick-me-ups for gamers everywhere!

Yes whether you’re based in the UK or the US there’s bound to be a great deal for you, with two excellent games from each region.

Our researchers have tirelessly searched the Internet to bring you what we feel are the best games you could hope to pick up this week, but as always leave us a note in the comments if you’ve found better!

United Kingdom

Blur – £24.99

Blur, the new arcade racer from Activision, was only released in Europe two weeks ago and yet already we’ve found it at half the RRP. Now that’s what we call a deal hot off the presses!

In Blur gamers drive licensed real world cars (our favourites being the Dodge Viper and Lotus Exige) in the distinctly game world of intense vehicular combat. For a long time before release it was being hyped as ‘Burnout meets Mario Kart’ and to be fair it is pretty much just that.

That isn’t to say that the game is derivative however, with most critics lauding the game as being ‘fresh’ and ‘addictive’. The game’s strong score of 82 on Metacritic reflects this.

The single player is enjoyable enough, but multiplayer is where this game really shines. Support for 4 player split-screen and up to 20 players online mean that you shouldn’t have any problem getting a race going. The action is frenetic, the weapons are a blast, and the joy of winning is matched only by the seething rage of a defeat.

A must buy for fans of online racing action at its best.

Buy Now*

*(Note: At time of going to press Blur is currently out of stock, with more expected in soon. We would still recommend buying now at this fantastic price, but be aware that you will not receive the game immediately.)

All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

Yakuza 3 – £19.99

After news of Yakuza 4 getting a western release, we realise many of you don’t even have Yakuza 3. Well we found this deal which excellent for a title we called one of “the finest games of late to be developed from within the shores of Japan”.

In Yakuza 3 you play as Kazuma, the much respected ex-Tokyo mafia hard nut Kazuma on his return out of retirement.

The title is hard to define as it moulds together several game elements including RPG, open-world, and fighting.

The game has one of the most appealing stories that we have seen for a long time and outperforms those from most western titles. But beyond the main plot the title also packs in various alternative activities to go crazy about including golf and Karaoke.

Sadly for some the game lacks English voices as it instead uses subtitles that require you to do a lot of reading, which is not too bad if you’re use to watching foreign films. But it also ensures that it stays true to how the developers originally created the game.

It took a very long time for this game to release in the west, but it was well worth the wait and so if you don’t own this title yet we highly recommend it. And this edition also includes bonus content with four downloadable extras to keep you entertained.

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All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

United States

Demon’s Souls – $29.99

One of 2009’s most highly liked but not necessarily most purchased games is Demon’s Souls.

We call the game “an RPG lover’s paradise”, and it is easy to see why. Set in medieval Europe, the game delivers in depth and complex gameplay that doesn’t hold your hand all the way.

Back in the old days games used to offer a real challenge, and this title takes you back to this time to make sure you really earn your progress through the game.

The developers have exceeded expectations with the detailed environments and creatures that are extremely creative and exciting to a huge scale. The in-depth options to customise and upgrade your character gives huge variety to the gameplay and mean you can play several different experiences in different run-throughs.

As we said in our review, this is a game that may require you to have a peek in the manual for assistance, but there is no shame in that. It is a title that feels very rewarding when you reach then end with a great sense of achievement – the ride to the top is bumpy but what a view!

So for only $29.99, this is one of the must-have titles from 2009!

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All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

Borderlands – $19.99

Borderlands, and FPS/RPG hybrid in the same vein as Fallout 3, was released last year to fairly universal acclaim, scoring a solid 83 on Metacritic.

At Attitude Towers, however, opinion was divided. Some of us loved the game and thought it was a addictive and rewarding , while others found it soulless and irritating.

Despite our differences, however, none of us would argue that it was one of the most satisfying shooters we’d played in a while. The guns are a joy to use and pulling off headshots in this game is insanely rewarding. The massive variety of guns available is almost devilishly addictive and we found ourselves almost completely overwhelmed by the urge to loot loot loot.

The game is also great to play with friends, either over PSN or using split-screen, although be careful you don’t end up physically fighting over every gun-case you find.

Plenty of DLC has been released for this title since it came out and it has all reviewed well, so there is plenty of good content for you to explore upon your arrival on Pandora.

Once again you will receive $5 off at the Amazon MP3 store when you purchase this game.

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All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

All deals featured in this article are correct and in stock at the time of publishing, however they are subject to change at any time.