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DJ Hero 2 gets closer to the real thing with two turntables and a microphone

Submitted by on Tuesday, 8 June 20102 Comments

Coming off the announcement of the latest installment to the Guitar Hero franchise, Activision has kept the rhythm ball rolling with DJ Hero 2.

We hope you’re ambidextrous because the game will feature two turntables along with a microphone, making you that much closer to being an actual DJ in a club.

DJ Hero 2 will feature songs from popular artists such as Dr. Dre, The Chemical Brothers, Kanye West, Metallica, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and over 85 others. It’s no doubt that the first game had a great setlist so hopefully we can expect the same from its sequel. Let’s also not forget that Deadmau5, one of the DJ elites will be featured in the game as a playable character, giant mouse head and all we imagine.

Features exclusive to the sequel will be all-new freestyle gameplay along with new multiplayer game modes such as DJ Battles and the jump-in/jump-out Party Play. Let’s not forget the dual turntables and full microphone support.

In celebration of this announcement, Activision is pleased to release a mix from the game for all DJ Hero enthusiasts to try out, free of charge of course. The mix features Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” combined with the beats of Deadmau5’s “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff.” It will be available from today until June 14th on the PSN Store so get it while it’s hot.

DJ Hero 2 will be available this autumn in a variety of different flavors. For the elitists, there’s the Party Bundle that includes two turntables, a microphone, and the game. Other options include a single turntable packaged with the game and then the standalone game.