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It’s official – Dreamcast games are coming to the PSN

Submitted by on Friday, 11 June 20105 Comments

You may remember we reported earlier than ESRB listings seemed to have ousted the fact that Dreamcast games were heading to the PSN.  Well, now SEGA has made it official.

So – what can we expect to see?

For those of you that read our article, it will come as no surprise that Sonic Adventures is one of the first games getting a digital release.  The best selling Dreamcast game will shift faster than Sonic can run – and rightly so as it is one of the better 3D Sonic games.  Although that’s not saying much.

Game number two is the arcade classic ‘Crazy Taxi’.  The idea behind this game is you play a taxi driver ferrying people about from one place to another.  Of course it’s not quite as easy as that as you have to battle through a bustling city, against the clock.  Sounds boring, but it’s immense – albeit in short bursts.

Each game is based on the original Dreamcast incarnation and will have all new enhancements and features such as high resolution visuals and surround sound, online leader boards and trophy support.

SEGA have called these the ‘first’ Dreamcast releases, so we are assuming more are on the way – start creating a wish list now!

On an amusing side note – the Press Release email containing this information was titled ‘Dreamcast returns’.  Damn you SEGA for getting our hopes up – it’s not even funny!