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E3 10; Killzone 3 in 3D – The PS3 Attitude Preview

Submitted by on Monday, 21 June 20108 Comments

Killzone 3 was the main attraction at the Sony booth during E3 last week. In addition to the multiple widescreen televisions they had demoing the game, there were a few utilizing 3D.

We got the chance to play Killzone 3, and in 3D no less. How does the game stack up so far, and does the 3D do for games what Avatar did for films? Let’s find out!

The Killzone 3 demo we played was the one seen in the trailer during Sony’s press conference. It was split up between three sections, one involving traversing the snowy plains, another introducing the jetpack, and the third putting you in control of a massive rail gun aboard the hovercraft. Seeing as the line to play Killzone 3 stretched way around the corner, we opted to go with the sweet new jetpacks.

Controlling the airborne mechanism is as easy as firing your weapon. With the touch of a button, you’re sent rocketing toward the sky for a few seconds. After the initial burst, you can execute a speed boost to make the longer distance jumps. It’s really easy to control and the dual machine guns mounted on the jetpack give you some heavy duty firepower.

The jetpacks allow for a massive playing field in Killzone 3. At the beginning of the level, you must fly from icecap to icecap. While there are no enemies at this point, this gives you a good understanding of just how large levels can be. The jetpack also gives you more verticality when taking on the Helghast. You can now blast above the red eyed hordes and take them out midflight with your machine guns. This eliminates the need to use stairs or ladders, allowing for even quicker gameplay.

Killzone 2 was the pinnacle of graphics at its time and Killzone 3 is shaping up to trump its predecessor. That being said, the 3D technology isn’t quite up to par at the moment. While it looked good, I would have much rather played the game in standard high definition. At times, especially when there is a ton of action going on, things become blurry and straining. Up close objects such as your weapon appear amazing in 3D but as for the rest of the environment, it’s rather dull.

Currently I have seen anything in 3D that has been the technology seller. Everything has looked pretty good so far, but nothing close to what Avatar was for the film industry.

Killzone 3 is definitely on the right track to outperform Killzone 2 in every way. It has that same first person shooter feel, but still manages to introduce new gameplay aspects to make it completely different. One thing the demo does perfectly, no doubt, is make us want to play the game more. We can’t be any more excited for February to arrive.