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E3 10; PlayStation Plus announced

Submitted by on Wednesday, 16 June 20109 Comments

In a completely unsurprising turn of events, it has been announced that PlayStation Plus will be launching soon on the PS3.

So – how much and what do we get?

The subscription service is penned for later this month, costing $49.99 for a year’s subscription or $17.99 for three months. For a limited time Sony will be giving away three months for free. 

Those paying this fee will gain access to exclusive digital content, beta initiations, full PSN games, games on demand and discounts on the PlayStation Store.

As a taster, PlayStation Plus subscribers will get WipEout HD, an InFamous trial, two Minis and Rally Cross on PSOne.

There are rumblings though that this content will only be yours for as long as your pay the subscription fee.  Edge Magazine had the following to say;

“Content is owned for the duration of a user’s subscription.”

Not sure we like the sound of that.  We will keep you posted on the official word.