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E3 10; Vanquish – The PS3 Attitude Preview

Submitted by on Thursday, 24 June 2010No Comment

Vanquish has already captured the attention of the gaming industry because 1) it’s being developed by Platinum Games, the studio behind the critically acclaimed Bayonetta, and 2) it’s under the direction of Shinji Mikami, the creative mind behind Resident Evil.

To say people have high hopes for Vanquish would probably be an understatement.

In Vanquish, the most important thing isn’t your gun or your skills, it’s your high-tech suit of armor. This exoskeleton controls everything you do, allowing for slick slide boosts and can even slow down time. Everything comes with a drawback though because using the suit too much makes you vulnerable to attacks.

The man in the suit is Sam, a government agent whose mission is to thwart a nuclear attack on New York from Russia. Bear in mind that we’ve already seen them annihilate all of San Francisco in the debut trailer.  The battlefield is a solar energy harnessing space station built by the US that the Russians have invaded.

The gameplay revolves around run-and-gun mechanics. As you make your way through the level, enemies will do their best to try and stop you with machine guns, grenades, and heavy duty battle tanks. The suit allows you to boost forward to barriers where you can get a better shot. You can also propel yourself into enemies for quick melee attacks.

With so much action going around you, it can become overwhelming at times. Luckily, the suit can slow down time and give you that extra second needed to take down multiple targets. It can be a little difficult executing the ability as you have to be boosting in order to do so. Sometimes we’d trigger it by accident or couldn’t get it to work when we wanted it.

Vanquish is extremely fast paced. You’ll be constantly boosting into the heart of the action and moving forward. You can even overtake giant walking battle tanks and use them to your advantage. At one point, we even saw Sam boost up the arm of a boss, dodge an incoming missile and launch is straight back into the launcher. If that isn’t badass, I don’t know what is.

We’re pretty impressed with what we’ve seen so far. There’s a ton of action and the controls are pretty smooth. The game could use some color though as currently it consists of mainly whites and grays. With the PS3 being the lead platform this time around, things are looking good for Vanquish. (E3)