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E3 10; Everything you need to know about the Sony Conference

Submitted by on Tuesday, 22 June 20104 Comments

Did you miss the Sony press conference last week?

It’s now available in its entirety on the US PlayStation Store, but for those of you who don’t have the connection speed and/or the time to download and watch over 4 gigabytes of video, we thought we’d give you an in-depth rundown of all the announcements made at the conference.

Some stories have already been featured on PS3 Attitude, while others haven’t, as nothing has been omitted from this list.

We’ve even included our take on some of the announcements, as well as links to various trailers and other footage from the show, so you only have to watch the bits you want.

So let’s get cracking, shall we?

Introduction: Jack Tretton kicked off the conference by making some jokes about Microsoft, and promised to showcase Sony’s ‘vision of the future’

3D: Next, Kaz Hirai revealed that 20 titles created natively in 3D will be released before the end of March 2011, to go alongside Pain, Super Stardust HD, and WipEout HD, all three of which are available in 3D on the PlayStation Store right now

Killzone 3: Hermen Hulst from Guerrilla Games introduced a live demo of two single-player levels of Killzone 3 in 3D, and the ‘PRE ALPHA CODE’ heading above the video got everyone very excited, as it’s already looking fantastic – the game will be released in February 2011, and be fully compatible with PlayStation Move at launch

Other 3D games: Kaz Hirai finished by stating that PS3 is the only console with native 3D gaming, and announced that MotorStorm: Apocalypse, The Sly Collection, Gran Turismo 5, Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat, Shaun White Skateboarding, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Tron: Evolution, NBA 2K11, The Fight: Lights Out, EyePet, Tumble, and MLB 10: The Show will all be playable in 3D – there’s a huge array of games there, proving that Sony is fully committed to its 3D vision

The Sly Collection: This was only casually mentioned by Kaz Hirai in the previous section, but as far as we’re aware this is the first time it has been officially confirmed – the collection will feature all three PS2 Sly Cooper games in HD and 3D, and have new Move compatible mini-games – we definitely hope to hear more announcements like this over the next year – Team Ico Collection anyone?

PlayStation Move: Peter Dille stated that the Move’s precision and 1:1 tracking will appeal to both casual and core gamers, and nearly 40 developer and publisher partners are currently working on Move titles – also, with Blu-Ray, the standard and Move versions of a game can fit on a single disc, so you won’t have to buy another copy of a game if you purchase Move later (the same is true for 3D games)

Sorcery: Christian Busic from The Workshop introduced a new third-person action-adventure game designed specifically for the Move, in which you play as a sorcerer’s apprentice – the controller is used in a number of interesting ways (such as casting spells and drinking potions), and there were many inventive spell combinations shown – the game will be released in Spring 2011, and looks like it’ll be great fun

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11: Andrew Wilson from EA displayed the realism and accuracy of the Move controller when used with the long-running golf series – unlike other motion-controlled golf games, your stance genuinely affects the shot, which eliminates ‘pre-canned animations’ – Move functionality will be added as a free update when it launches later this year – in our opinion, the demo could have done with being a bit shorter, but there’s no doubt that the technology was impressive

Heroes on the Move: In a trailer that surely had our own Nixemus salivating at the mouth, Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter, Sly Cooper, and Bentley were seen in one game for the very first time – the specific genre of the game was unclear, but it looked to us like a lot of fun-looking combat and platforming-based mini-games

Kevin Butler: In the worst kept secret ever, Kevin Butler made a ‘surprise’ appearance just as Peter Dille was talking about a new marketing deal between Sony and Coca Cola in North America – it was genuinely funny, and the audience definitely appreciated it, but it arguably went on a little too long – more games please Sony!

PlayStation Move date and price: The PlayStation Move was announced as launching on 15th September in Europe, 19th September in North America, and 21st October in Japan – the Move controller will be priced at $49.99, and the navigation controller will be $29.99 – there will also be a PSEye, Move controller and Sports Champions bundle for $99.99, or all of the above with a PS3 for $399.99 for newcomers

Other PlayStation Move games: 15-20 launch titles will be available, with over 40 throughout the Christmas season – some big franchises were announced for Move, including SOCOM 4, Time Crisis: Razing Storm, NBA 2K11, R.U.S.E., Killzone 3, Singstar Dance, echochrome ii, EyePet, Brunswick Pro Bowling, The Fight: Lights Out, Sports Champions, Start the Party!, Heroes on the Move, TV Superstars, The Shoot, The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest, Tron: Evolution, and Sorcery – other games will be patched to include Move functionality such as Toy Story 3, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Heavy Rain, and Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition – like with 3D, there’s a big variety of games coming for all ages and demographics

PlayStation Portable: Next, a new marketing campaign for the PSP was revealed for North America, which stars Bobb’e J. Thompson as Marcus Rivers – the commercials are just as funny as their Kevin Butler PS3 equivalents, and look set to be just as popular

Upcoming PSP games: a number of upcoming PSP games were then mentioned, including a quick teaser for God of War: Ghost of Sparta – there will be over 70 other new titles for PSP by December, including Tron: Evolution, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Toy Story 3, Ace Combat: Joint Assault, The 3rd Birthday, UFC Unleashed 2010, Invizimals, Gravity Crash Portable, Dragonball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team, Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip, Madden NFL 11, Patapon 3, EyePet, Piyotama, Persona 3 Portable, Ys: The Oath in Felghana, and Valkyria Chronicles II – we don’t often cover PSP on PS3 Attitude, but all these games prove that Sony’s handheld certainly has plenty of life in it yet

PlayStation Network: It was revealed that there are now more than 50 million registered PS3 users in 58 countries, and that the PS3 is the most connected online console on the market – also, auditions are announced for the second season of The Tester – furthermore, the entire E3 Sony booth has been recreated in PlayStation Home with trailers and exclusive items

LittleBigPlanet 2: Alex Evans from Media Molecule came onstage to introduce their next game – LBP2’s new competitive scoring was shown in a number of multiplayer mini-games, which also showed off the improved graphics and creating tools – the best creators in LBP were invited to the Mm offices and given 24 hours with the new tools to create any level/game they wanted, which included top down shooters and racing games, and even a full RTS

PlayStation Plus: Jack Tretton revealed the much rumoured PSN premium package – for $49.99/£39.99/€39.99 a year, subscribers will get hundreds of dollars worth of content including full PSN games, PSone classics, minis, themes and avatars – other features will also be included such as PS Store discounts, full-game trials, automatic downloads, and early access to betas and demos – it will be launching next week, and looks like a superb deal

Medal of Honor: Greg Goodrich from EA presented a new character known as Deuce, and a new multiplayer map entitled Diwagal Camp – a PS3 exclusive limited edition of the game will include a remastered HD version of the PS2 smash hit, Medal of Honor: Frontline, which is widely believed (by us) to be the best game in the series

Dead Space 2: Visceral’s Steve Papoutsis took to the stage to introduce the second part of the level shown in the EA conference, which saw Isaac face to face with an horrific boss – again, a PS3 exclusive limited edition will include a reworked version of former-Wii exclusive, Dead Space: Extraction with Move functionality

Portal 2: In arguably the biggest surprise (and this writer’s favourite moment) of E3 2010, Gabe Newell was introduced by GLaDOS, and announced that not only would Portal 2 be coming to PS3, but that it would also include various Steam features and be the best version on any console – the first footage of the game was also shown in a short trailer

Final Fantasy XIV: A new trailer was shown, and the game is looking every bit the traditional RPG (which, by the way, isn’t a bad thing), with mages, epic bosses, and what looks to be the series’ trademark melodrama

Mafia II: Free PS3-exclusive day-one downloadable content is announced that will feature ‘loads of new missions, and hours of additional arcade-style gameplay’

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood: A trailer showed off the series’ brand new multiplayer component – it was also announced that the PS3 version of the game will include an exclusive pack of missions, and the multiplayer beta will be exclusive to PSN

Other upcoming games: Jack Tretton next declared that there’s lots more games coming that Sony didn’t have time to show, including Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Call of Duty: Black Ops, DC Universe Online, NCAA Football 11, True Crime, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, PixelJunk Shooter 2, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and Dead Nation

Gran Turismo 5: A trailer was shown, which revealed the inclusion of the Top Gear Test Track and involvement from Sebastian Vettel, and a certain date at the end (2nd November) that will leave fans very happy – about time!!

inFamous 2: Another trailer, this time disclosing Sucker Punch’s next game – it showed off the new Cole (who actually looks better than we first thought), as well as what looked like some sort of ice power and a huge boss

Twisted Metal: A teaser trailer revealed the new game in the Twisted Metal series, which ended as Sweet Tooth drove his ice-cream van onto the E3 stage, and David Jaffe and Scott Campbell, co-founders of Eat Sleep Play, climbed out of the back – gameplay of the online Team Deathmatch and Nuke modes were presented, and the series looks just as fun and destructive as ever – naturally, Twisted Metal is a PS3 exclusive and will release in 2011

And that’s it.

Sony had a very strong lineup at this year’s E3, and we’re looking forward to playing all the games that were shown at the conference.

With the innovations of 3D and Move, games such as Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5 and LittleBigPlanet 2, and exclusive content for the likes of Medal of Honor, Dead Space 2 and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, the coming year is truly going to be an incredible one for PlayStation users, and we simply can’t wait.