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E3 10; Twisted Metal coming to PS3

Submitted by on Wednesday, 16 June 20103 Comments

David Jaffe you sneaky man!  After weeks of flat out denying any involvement in a Twisted Metal PS3 game, he was ferried onto the Sony stage by a pimped out ice cream truck driven by Sweet Tooth himself!

The gameplay shown looks absolutely chaotic – with cars, choppers, death spewing helicopters, lots of weapons and sixteen player online deathmatch.

 The main mode that was shown is called ‘Nuke’, with the main objective being to totally annihilate your opponent’s statue placed in a spot on the map.

Of course it’s not as easy as that, as you must first kidnap the other team’s leader and offer them up as a sacrifice to the nuke launcher.  When the sacrifice has been made you can fire the nuke, but you must protect it from enemy fire.  Three direct nuke strikes and you’ve won the match.  It sounds crazy – heck it is crazy, but the crowd lapped it up.

More please!