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Electronic Arts is in love with the PS3, calls it “on fire”

Submitted by on Monday, 28 June 20102 Comments

With E3 over, it has become clear that one of the biggest gaming publishers, Electronic Arts, is really in love with the PlayStation 3.

In Sony’s E3 conference they announced exclusive content for Dead Space 2 and Medal of Honor, including Dead Space: Extraction and Medal of Honor: Frontline,┬ábundled in special editions of the games.

IGN spoke to EA COO John Schappert, former Microsoft employee, about the publisher’s new love affair with the console:

We’re platform agnostic… That being said, we partnered with Sony on the press conference; we were on their stage and got to announce some things… The PlayStation 3 is doing incredibly well…

Schappert then touched on what he felt had changed the console around:

Since Sony changed the PS3 form factor, rolled out the Kevin Butler marketing campaign, and launched some great content, the box is on fire. Now the problem is you haven’t been able to find it at retail, it’s been out of stock. But I think they’ll fix that soon.

But one particular element of the console appears to be very important to them:

We were able to make use of the Blu-ray disc with the larger storage space and add additional content on the disc without sacrificing anything from the core game.

We don’t really need to remind you on how much criticism Sony got for bundling Blu-ray with the console around launch time, but years down the line it appears to be making a real difference to the system’s content and publisher approach!

Hopefully EA’s love for the PS3 will continue and we will start to see franchises on the system that have until now been exclusive to the 360 and PC, such as Mass Effect.