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Final Fantasy Versus XIII: scenario and character designs finished

Submitted by on Wednesday, 30 June 2010One Comment

It feels like an eternity since Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced at E3 2006 alongside Final Fantasy XIII. Since then details have been thin on the ground, but thankfully some new information has surfaced.

The game’s director Tetsuya Nomura has been speaking to the Japanese gaming publication, Dengeki PlayStation. In the interview Nomura revealed that the main scenario had now been completed; and that character and clothes designs are now finished as well. These designs are to be shown in due time.

Nomura sadly didn’t go into any more depth, but back in March he was on record as saying that patches of the game were already developed:

“Not everything is connected together, so the various areas have different levels of progress. However, you can fly across the world map in an air ship.”

It sounds as though the game is making healthy progress, so hopefully we’ll get to see more at the Tokyo Games Show in a few months.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is set to be a very different beast from Final Fantasy XIII, which was released recently. A trailer from 2009 showed a modern world, one which on the surface looked not to different from our own. However, the presence of heavily armoured soldiers, big swords and magic did reassure us that this was still a Final Fantasy title. We’re excited about the prospect of the series being set in an untried environment.

It’s going to be dark, brooding and it has even been described as being a tragedy. Square Enix, please tell us more.

[ via NovaCrystallis]