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Heavy Rain DLC put on indefinite hold

Submitted by on Monday, 21 June 20104 Comments

It seems like only yesterday that Quantic Dream smashed right through our expectations with the phenomenal Heavy Rain.  We, like many others, looked past the faults and savoured the amazing experience that laid beneath.

Sadly it looks like our hopes of returning to the game’s world have been washed away.  What?  You seriously thought we had run out of water related puns?

It was always promised that two DLC packs would be released for Heavy Rain.  The first part – ‘The Taxidermist’ has been on the PSN for some time now – and it was rumoured that the second part would allow you to play as the Origami Killer.

Quantic Dream has told Game Informer at E3 that Sony has ‘encouraged’ the studio to concentrate its efforts on adding Move controls into the original game.

They have also mentioned that they will be going forward with work on their next project – so all in all, Heavy Rain DLC part two isn’t looking likely.

We think this is a crying shame, as the game has a rich tapestry of characters that are begging to be fleshed out.  What do you think?  Would more DLC be welcome, or has Heavy Rain’s time passed?