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E3 10; Killzone 3 gameplay trailer reeks of awesomeness

Submitted by on Monday, 14 June 20107 Comments

Well kick our butts and call us Betty – no sooner than the reveal trailer of Killzone 3 is released, Sony blow our minds with a brand new trailer featuring actual gameplay footage.

The hype machine starts here.

The first thing that grabs our attention is the brutal melee attacks.  They look meaty and bone crunchingly  vicious – or neck snappingly vicious as you will see.

It also seems there is a ‘slide to cover’ feature which will be a welcome addition when things get hectic.

Then there are the jet packs.  Rather than a needless add on, jet pack combat looks surprisingly satisfying and we can’t wait to gun down waves of Helghast from above.

Anyway – less chatty chatty, more watchy watchy;

ffffff;" title="" href="">Video Games | ffffff;" title="Killzone 3" href="/game//">Killzone 3 | ffffff;" title="E3 2010: Exclusive Gameplay Trailer">E3 2010: Exclusive Gameplay Trailer
ffffff;" title="XBox 360" href="">XBox 360 | ffffff;" title="PS3" href="">Playstation 3 | ffffff;" title="Wii" href="">Nintendo Wii