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Metal Gear Solid Rising is the beginning of a new series

Submitted by on Monday, 28 June 2010No Comment

Metal Gear Solid Rising, the latest in the Metal Gear series, will be different from other Metal Gear games. The focus is on “lightning bolt action” not “tactical espionage action”, and it will have the agile Raiden returning as lead rather than the tough and resourceful Solid Snake. Rising will be the start of a new series of games that will run alongside the usual Metal Gear Solid titles; it won’t be a one-off game.

This was explained by the games producer, Shigenobu Matsuyama. A translation from the Japanese gaming site Andriassang has the following comments attributed to him:

“MGS Rising is not a side story. We’re aiming for two Metal Gear Solids, making a series out of another standard.”

Matsuyama also discussed this plan during an E3 2010 roundtable discussion, as reported by Shacknews:

“I’ve been asked a lot, ‘Is this going to be a side-story or spin-off to the MGS series?’, but what I’m positioning is that there will be a Hideo Kojima game that is MGS, but what we are planning as Kojima Productions is have this Raiden Rising as almost as a standard so that there’s an MGS and the Rising going back-and-forth in the future.”

First of all, it’s interesting to hear that more Metal Gear Solid games are being planned. As you probably already know, when we last left Solid Snake, he was pretty old and certainly didn’t look like he had many games left in him. His back-story doesn’t have many gaps either to allow for another prequel. Kojima has also stated that he has desires to try new projects away from Metal Gear.

Konami will be hoping that a ‘Raiden Rising’ series can eventually take over but does Raiden carry enough appeal to make as much of a mark on gamers as Snake has done for so many years? Raiden was very unpopular in Metal Gear Solid 2 with many people disliking his androgynous appearance (slim with long blond hair) and self-pitying attitude. We were given him when we all wanted the gruff Solid Snake.

It’s not all lost for Raiden though, Konami gave him a significant rebranding in Metal Gear Solid 4: he got a badass cyborg ninja body after getting horribly disfigured, this made him ridiculously powerful. He also acquired a very cool sword.

It’s this new Raiden – with attitude – that will be in the upcoming Rising game(s). Check out the trailer at the top of the page, it is looking promising

[Source: Eurogamer]