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Crysis 2: the Marine Salvage gameplay trailer

Submitted by on Sunday, 27 June 2010One Comment

A new trailer for Crysis 2 is available on IGN . The ‘Marine Salvage’ trailer looks as though its been inspired by Cloverfield, with its flickering camera and claustrophobic feel. For a teaser trailer, it’s pretty intense. The trailer is not recommended for proud New Yorkers who don’t want to see their city get demolished – because it most certainly does.

Aliens are causing havoc in the city; they are big, agile and powerful; they’re very menacing. They manoeuvre the environments rapidly and are very unforgiving in their attack. Thankfully, it seems you will be equipped with ridiculously destructive weaponry to bring them down.

The destruction models for the environment are very impressive. Your rocket launchers are even capable of sending ambulances flying. It’s hard to think of another PS3 game that can capture flying debris quite so effectively.

The trailer gives us a good idea of the gameplay, you see the player switching between stealth and power tactics, highlighting the various strategic approaches available. Your high tech nanosuit can switch between power, armour, tactical and infiltration modes. This feature could make Crysis 2 the most dynamic FPS yet.

The game is due for release later this year, and it will even be in 3D.