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Penguin announces Eagle-Eye, a USB keyboard and mouse adapter for your PS3

Submitted by on Tuesday, 8 June 20108 Comments

Do you struggle to keep up with the frenzy that is playing Modern Warfare 2 online? Well, Penguin United will be showing off a new device at E3 which they believe will give you the edge and turn you into an ultimate assassin.

The device is an adapter that will allow you to use a USB keyboard and mouse with your PS3. This may not sound revolutionary (and it’s really not), but you will struggle to find a PC gamer who would choose a joypad over their trusted keyboard and mouse when playing an FPS, so this could appeal to many gamers.

Any USB keyboard and mouse can be used with Eagle-Eye, and with the accompanying software players can customise the controls to their liking. As well as being able to adjust the button configuration, you will also be able to adjust the sensitivity of your mouse. A skilled player with a responsive mouse will always beat a skilled player with a DualShock controller.

Penguin has released some video tutorials showing how it works. They can be seen below…

Penguin promise a “quick, easy set up in less than 1 minute with included software.” It will be compatible with all PS3 console versions, and Penguin claim that it will be future proof with firmware updates. It has a 2ft cable so there should be enough to reach your coffee table.

It sounds useful enough, but a suggested retail price of $59.99 may put many off, and the thought of having wires trailing across the living room in this wireless age of gaming is not appealing. There is also a practicable problem – most users won’t have their console set up near a desk, or other suitable worktop, to put their keyboard and mouse on.

What do you think? Does the Eagle-Eye appeal to you? If so, let us know below…