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PS3 firmware 3.40 detailed; PlayStation Plus, video editor, and more

Submitted by on Monday, 28 June 20107 Comments

PlayStation Plus, Sony’s upcoming PSN subscription service, is coming tomorrow June 29th and with it comes a new firmware update as well. No, cross game voice chat isn’t on the list of what’s included in 3.40 but there are a few surprises.

For starters, the Photo Gallery is getting a complete makeover. Continuing with the PS3’s connection with Facebook, the new gallery will allow you to upload, browse, and comment on photos on Facebook and Picasa. In addition, you’ll be able to share your moments captured in time with your PSN buddies.

New to firmware 3.40 is the Video Editor & Uploader. This function will be available directly from the cross media bar and will allow you to edit, save, and upload video files stored on your HDD to Facebook and YouTube among others. While this doesn’t allow you to capture and record your gaming sessions, you’ll be able to piece together individual videos and add elements such as text and music.

Some other additions include the ability to rate PlayStation Network content on a five star rating scale and more enhanced power save settings. The Facebook application has also been updated with new enhancements. Now you can proudly display your PSN profile on your page as well as connect with your PSN friends more easily.

Naturally we imagine there will be some other hidden features included within firmware 3.40 and we’ll be sure to tell you everything once the update goes live tomorrow. Now for the big question. Will you be getting PlayStation Plus?